gtoline is a cloud based GTO library for NL Texas Hold'em.

Our innovative features make it easy to access GTO solutions from anywhere in real-time.

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Core Features

Let's get a better understanding how gtoline is designed.


We developed a poker solving engine which builds GTO strategies for preflop and postflop situations. Our experienced team handles the calculation process to provide you with ready to use solutions.


All our solutions are organized in the library. You can easily browse through specific solutions to get information about strategy, equity, expected value, ranges and more in realtime.


Our solutions are linked to collections which are searchable. Simply enter a specific game situation into the search box and you directly jump to the best matching solution.

Action advice

You can add holecards to your search request to receive a random action advice which is based on the GTO strategy distribution of the given holecards.

Advantages and Benefits

There are many reasons why you should use gtoline.

Ready to use

We provide you with ready to use GTO solutions.

Real-time access

Our innovative features give you super fast access to solutions.

Action advice

You can add holecards to your search request to receive an action advice.

Any device

Through our responsive design you can use your desktop, notebook, tablet or phone.

No installation

You only need a device with an up to date browser and internet access.

Computing power

Benefit from our access to high-end computing servers.

Clean design

For a better handling and visual perception we created a modern and clean design.

Worldwide accessible

All solutions are hosted in our cloud which is worldwide accessible.

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